The full papers/extend abstracts must be submitted through the DM4OG submission site hosted at EasyChair.

The final manuscripts must comply with CEUR formatting/editing rules in order for the volume to be accepted. For that purpose we provide a LaTex template, together with an example with author guidelines (download author guidelines and sample manuscript). A signed copy of the copyright form must be submitted as well.

Instructions for Camera-ready version:

The submission form is the same as before (DM4OG submission site hosted at EasyChair), but has been re-opened for submission of the camera ready version. Your submission must contain all the files necessary to compile the LaTeX paper.

Only one file is accepted as the submission. In order to prepare your work for submission please follow these steps:

  1. Collect all your files (LaTex source, replies to the reviewers, and the signed copyrights form) in one folder. 
  2. Compress your folder in the ZIP format. 
  3. Rename your file to add the .tex extension. (e.g.: rename to
  4. Go to your submission details page, and use the link "Update file" to upload your archive.

Full Papers (5 to 15 pages):

A full research paper should provide detail original research contributions. They must report new research results that represent a contribution to the field; sufficient details and support for the results and conclusions should also be provided. The work presented in regular papers is expected to be at a stage of maturity that with additional work can be published as journal papers.

Extended Abstracts (2 to 4 pages):

The extended abstracts should be 2-4 pages long, including figures and explanations. They should provide overall research methodologies with some results. The work presented in short papers are expected to be at a stage of maturity that with some additional work can be published as regular papers.

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