Opening session

Invited Keynote Talk


Session 1

Chair: Alípio Jorge


Coffee Break


Session 2

Chair: Pablo Guillen


Closing Session

Organizing committee.

Invited Keynote Presentation

German Larrazabal, Senior R&D Geophysicist, Geoscience Technology Upstream, Repsol US

“Geobody Detection from 3D Migrated Seismic Data”

Accepted submissions to be presented at the workshop:

Matthias Kormaksson, Jorge Guevara, Bianca Zadrozny, Ligang Lu, John Tolle, Mingqi Wu, Jan Limbeck, Detlef Hohl and Tyler Croft A data-driven workflow for predicting horizontal well production using vertical well logs
Mohammadmehdi Ezzatabadipour, Parth Singh, Melvin Robinson, Pablo Guillen-Rondon and Carlos Torres Deep Learning as a Tool to Predict Flow Patterns in Two-Phase Flow
Athar Khodabakhsh, Ismail Ari and Mustafa Bakir Cloud-based Fault Detection and Classification for Oil & Gas Industry
Hamed Nikhalat Jahromi and Alipio Mario Guedes Jorge An Overview of Data Mining Applications in Oil and Gas Exploration: Structural Geology, and Reservoir Property-Issues
Rui L. Lopes and Alípio M. Jorge Mind the Gap: a well log data analysis

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