Weichang Li

Weichang Li’s current research is focused on statistical signal processing and machine learning with applications in exploration geophysics and geology, production monitoring, industrial process control and material characterizations. Examples of his recent work at Aramco Research Center - Houston include robust seismic data denoising, improved seismic imaging, geological pattern recognition, acoustic tomography of multiphase flow and multi-modal characterization of geological samples using machine learning methods. He was the Data Analytics team lead at ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research from 2011-2013, responsible for developing research projects applying machine learning techniques to upstream, downstream and chemical business applications, and leading both internal research and university collaborations. Weichang obtained his Ph.D. (2006) in Electrical and Oceanographic Engineering, and a dual MS (2002) in EECS and Ocean Engineering, all from MIT. He is an active reviewer for IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, ICASSP, SEG, Geophysics, Applied Optics, Journal of Acoustical Society of America. He has chaired sessions in ASA annual meetings and IEEE Oceans Conferences.

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